Saturday, January 17, 2004

Mahendra's 2004 predictions

Mahendra has released his stunning financial predictions for 2004, and they agree with all of my investment philosophies, so Mahendra must be a genius! (See Where to invest in year 2004?...Silver..oil..Yen.. )

(1) Silver: He says silver will take off this year.

Many people in the world investor community have closely been following my gold predictions. Those who have read my book will notice that I am more exciting in my silver predictions, even though gold is my favourite metal according to astrology. For 2004, silver will yield unforgettable returns in the short term. I do not intend to give my price projections here because some may think that I am crazy or drunk.

(2) Stock Markets: "[O]nce again predict that the worst decline will be witnessed in the market and that a horrible scenario will unfold after 21st June 2004."

(3) Real Estate:

I see a great crash in the land and property markets in Great Britain (London) and in North America. Therefore, do not engage in land and property speculation after March 2004. There will be many reasons that will account for the drop in prices, one of which shall be the hiking of interest rates in Britain and the USA.

I predict the exact same thing. Obviously, the current real estate boom is based on the lowest interest rates in half a century. When interest rates start rising again, the real estate market has to crash. This is probably a good time to buy put options on home builders, even though I bought such put options this summer and they expired worthless. I guess I didn't check with an astrologer. I'll wait until March before buying the put options.

(4) Oil: Mahendra is also bullish on oil and natural gas. " I see a great rise in the prices of crude oil, natural gas and gasoline." This is great because I have money invested here as well.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Today is certainly a painful day for gold investors. But remember, nothing ever goes up every single day. The biggest multi-year bull markets have days where there are big pullbacks.

Conspiracy theorists will no doubt notice that J.P.Morgan Chase announced a big mega-merger with Bank One. And the same day, the price of gold tanks. Is there a mysterious connection?

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