Thursday, February 19, 2004

In Mahendra's latest update, he recommends oil and natural gas. Maybe he's been reading my blogs!

Also, he predicts that next week silver will rise past $7/oz. I sure hope he's right.

It seems like the less attention I give the Gold and Silver Blog, the more gold and silver keep going up. Especially silver.

On CNBC, they are talking more and more about gold. It used to be that gold was never mentioned, but now the average investor is hearing about it, which means there are more potental buyers for precious metals and for companies that mine it.

My favorite astrologer, Mahendra, remains bullish on gold and silver, especially silver.

My favorite financial commentator, Bill Fleckenstein, writes in his most recent Contrarian Chronicles column that a U.S. dollar crisis is unfoldling, but he doesn't give any specific recommendations for how to profit from it. (My personal recommendation is to invest in oil and natural gas in addition to gold and silver.)

So even though I haven't been posting here, things are going well for gold and silver. I haven't sold any of my gold and silver mining shares.

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